Data analytics should help managers of Assisted Living, Retirement and CCRCs understand why there are twice as many move-outs this month as during the same time period last year. It should let you know on dashboards with relevant, easy to understand charts and graphs how close to goal are your census, conversion rates, and move-ins and which referral agencies consistently generate the most revenue. You should also receive real time alerts and notifications when there is the potential that you might fall short of your goals.

You should easily be able to tell why one community requires less staffing than her sister communities with the same census, how many average contacts it takes to convert a lead, and how many duplicate inquiries are sent by your third party referral agencies. And you should have the option to view this by community, by region and rolled up into Corporate totals.

The right Business Intelligence is the cornerstone of any good strategy. Move-N helps managers eliminate spending resources on advertising, referral sources, or marketing events that don’t produce results. Managers quickly determine resident acuity levels to help determine safe and appropriate staffing levels.

Whether you’re the director of one or a hundred Retirement, Assisted Living, Memory Care and CCRC communities, Move-N provides the right set of tools to analyze and evaluate data in ways that help you make the right decisions to meet your census, resident care and revenue goals.