Use Move-N Hosting Services

With traditional computer client/server networks, you can easily pay several tens of thousands of dollars upfront for computers and then additional thousands for cabling, software, network installation and IT consulting services. Ongoing costs include continuous maintenance fees, software patches, security fixes and upgrades. Setup, installation, and testing can often take several weeks or months.

With Move-N Hosting services, we have already made the financial investment in computer hardware, software installation, and maintenance in our data center in Texas. We currently provide a complete up-to-date IT department, data center, and IT staff for hundreds of Retirement, Assisted Living, Memory Care and CCRC communities.

Quick Setup

User setup is quick and easy. Users simply log on to Move-N servers via an Internet connection to access any of the Move-N programs. No special computers or software installation required.
Most Move-N clients use their existing computers since all that is required is an Internet browser that comes standard with all Windows based computers.


Secure Data, quality Service

All Move-N customer hosted programs and data for their Retirement, Assisted Living, Memory Care and CCRC communities are housed on servers owned and maintained by Move-N Software, Inc. The Move-N data center is managed by an independent web hosting and server collocation provider, located near us in Dallas, Texas.

Key Features

Diesel-powered back-up electrical generators
Multiple POEs (Point of Entry) for fiber optic, electricity and generator inputs with n+3 redundancy
Multiple DS-3, OC-3 and OC-12 fiber optic connections to multiple, redundant carriers – Internet connectivity
Security system with live monitored internal cameras
24/7 Secured access with key swipe entry, biometric thumb print verifier and a double-locking man-trap at every door within the datacenter and on exterior access points
Instant on dry-pipe fire protection systems
Roof rated to F4 tornadic winds

Therefore, with Move-N’s hosting service, our clients can focus resources on what they do best – caring for their residents.