Move-N Spirit is on the Move!

The New Resident Care, Billing and Accounts Receivable is ready for release. We want to thank our customers for providing the feedback and suggestions that helped make these important and valuable updates. Please contact “technical support” at 817-282-7300 if you would like to be included to receive these powerful new upgrades.

Spirit Based Resident Care and Billing/Accounts Receivable

All functionality previously available in all Move-N programs you’re used to plus much, much more in Move-N web based Spirit!!
Care Threads

Technology can protect your reputation, improve resident care, reduce your financial risk and set you apart from the competition

State regulatory agencies, insurance risk managers and family members can be short on patience when it comes to resident incident reporting. As a senior housing manager you want to assure that your organization is doing everything possible to protect resident safety. In most cases, when providing information to regulatory agencies, insurance companies and family members regarding incidents, such as falls and medication errors, you need immediate access to all incident documentation and communication, regardless of when it occurred.

Being able to connect the dots – Currently, most charting (even electronic) regarding issues surrounding one singular incident is often done by many different care givers at different intervals. Sometimes related information and notes can be totally spread apart, making it difficult to find related documentation – especially if related issues to an incident occur over a long period of time.

The development of RESIDENT CARE THREADING by Move-N Software was developed to help caregivers complete their daily charting and connect notes, incidents, residents and family communication and follow-up automatically, without spending valuable time digging through charts. This ensures quick access of information, easy data analysis and ultimately – improved resident care.

Using Move-N Software’s Resident Care Threads allows care managers to respond quickly to family, state or insurance company information requests – even if the incident spans days, weeks or even months.
Focus Areas and Fall Response with Recommended Protocols.

Move-N Software, Inc. engaged industry clinical consultants who provided comprehensive lists of industry standards for risks, suggested protocols and interventions that we now provide at no charge to our customers through our Resident Care Software.

Resident Focus Areas (risks) and Risk for Fall response interventions in drop down menus with a list of available corresponding protocols is now available in our Resident Care module.

These precautionary safety measures can be chosen by resident care staff as they provide nursing interventions to a resident’s potential clinical needs in the resident service plan as focus areas (risks) are identified. A library for additional custom focus areas and follow-up protocols is also provided.

Additions to Spirit CRM

Marketing automation – Move-N interfaces with automated lead managment systems for strategic and automated follow-up campaigns (drip marketing).
Transfer leads from call centers to selected communities
Global Marketing tool – Record and monitor corporate wide marketing efforts

Coming Soon!

eMAR – New interface to facilitate easy and seamless pharmacy communication.
eSignature – On-line access, signature interface and storage for all forms, agreements, and notifications including: Resident agreements, rate notifications, consent forms, change of condition notifications and level of care increases.
Report Writer – Password protected access, export and custom reporting of corporate data.
Maintenance Program – One stop monitoring, management and distribution of work orders, project reports and maintenance history.