Technology is needed now more than ever for the providers of Resident Care due to the increased scrutiny from State Agencies, Insurance providers and families. As Senior Housing gets more and more competitive providers need to demonstrate state of the art technology as it relates to taking care of Mom in order to acheive and maintain substantial market presence.

Our users reported a common care related issue and asked Move-N to design a technical solution. Many times when a resident has an incident, such as a fall or medication error, State, Insurance and/or family overseers want immediate access to all documentation relating specifically to that incident; care notes, resident communications, follow-up, and any future related incidents which may have occurred. Their goal is to ensure that the resident received the best care possible regarding the incident and to insure safety precautions were implemented to avoid future risk.  Currently, most charting (even electronic) is completed by caregivers consecutively (daily, hourly and/or by shift) and not grouped together based on any precipitating incident . Resident charting, even electronic, tends to run together. Therefore, when caregivers need all documentation surrounding one specific incident they must still wade through months and months of resident charting trying to tie together all the related charting for any given incident.

The development of RESIDENT CARE THREADING by Move-N Software emerged due to communities trying to save their care managers hours of time and provide better care to their residents.  Our software now allows caregivers to complete their daily charting but electronically ties the charting to individual incidents and their follow-up if desired. This electronic “threading” allows chart “filtering” so caregivers can quickly and easily pull up only the information they need based on any resident incident and the care they received due to that incident. Better care is ultimately the result when technology allows caregivers better and more relevant data access for analysis.