There are many benefits to be gained using sophisticated financial and operational software in your communities. But all the razzle-dazzle that’s out there today doesn’t mean a thing if the software you’re using doesn’t help you produce the right outcomes.

If you were asked what drives your census and revenues in your assisted living, independent retirement or memory care community and makes you successful as a senior living provider, what would be your answer? Does a balance sheet or P &L give you the strategic data needed to keep your census up? Does your Accounts Payable help you to stay on top of resident care? Or does tracking depreciation of fixed assets generate move-ins?

While accounting related analysis is important, even a CFO would agree it’s not what keeps your move-ins on track or helps you provide quality resident care. Marketing and resident care are critical to your success, and yet, ironically their importance isn’t always reflected when software is¬†selected for these departments.

Your senior housing software need to be able to track and report demographics, decision making factors, lead source, referral trends, business relationships that are producing results, and easily generate other analytics that will identify trends and show what’s producing desired results – or not. Resident care means not only managing assessments and care plans, but also staffing needs, cost of care, medications, and more. And if your software is not doing these things for you in a way that’s producing benefits of increased census, revenues and better resident care, what’s the point? Counting numbers is important, but producing the right numbers is critical.

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