Clinical and Health Management

Receiving exceptional care is essential to your resident’s success while in your community. Knowing what it costs to provide that care is essential to your success.

Clinical software for your Assisted Living, Memory Care or CCRC community helps you provide your residents with the care they need. Making sure they have a current and up-to-date assessment, an individualized and custom care plan, as well as caring and competent staff to make them comfortable is what sets you apart from your competition. Having real time data at your fingertips that helps analyze your care revenue versus costs is what helps you outlast your competition.

  • Multiple Resident Assessments based on Service Types
  • Resident Task Scheduling and Service Plans
  • End of Shift Reporting
  • Resident Care Threads
  • Resident Focus Areas and Incident Tracking and Reporting
  • Meaningful and Customizable Dashboards
  • Availability of standardized Focus Areas and Follow up Protocols
  • Cost of Care Variance Reporting
  • Customized Assessments (based on flexible points, time, or flat rate)
  • eMAR
  • Acuity Analysis
  • State Forms and Reporting

Avoid Cost Creep - The Bottom Line Killer

Move-N Resident Care Software calculates the cost to your community for each caregiver and then compares that cost to the resident charges (based on individual resident assessments). This helps keeps your bottom line from being eroded by undocumented (and unbilled) resident care and at the same time provides justification and documentation for necessary staffing hours and resident charges.

Determine Caregiver Staffing Requirements

Move-N tracks community staffing needs based on:

  • Resident census
  • Scheduled care (includes non-assessment related tasks such as physician visits, TB testing, etc.)
  • Acuity levels
  • Staffing needs analysis for your Assisted Living, Memory Care or CCRC community is based on up-to-date resident assessments. Document resident risks, past incidents, individual behaviors, preferences, and additional family and caregiver input.

Stay Connected w/ Move-N Care Threads

Move-N Care Threads – incidents – care notes – resident communications and other related follow-up is now instantly available in incident related folders. All related care –  threaded together for easy access.

Being able to connect the dots – Currently, most charting (even electronic) regarding issues surrounding one singular incident is often done by many different care givers at different intervals.  Sometimes related information and notes can be totally spread apart, making it difficult to find related documentation – especially if related issues to an incident occur over a long period of time.

The development of RESIDENT CARE THREADING by Move-N Software was developed to help caregivers complete their daily charting and connect notes, incidents, residents and family communication and follow-up automatically, without spending valuable time digging through charts. This ensures quick access of information, easy data analysis and ultimately – improved resident care.

Resident Care Threads allows care managers to respond quickly to family, state or insurance company information requests – even if the incident spans days, weeks or even months.