Marketing Automation

Move-N Software is happy to introduce our newest program – Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation (MA) is a newly designed tool to further enhance your marketing efforts, giving you the ability to exponentially increase the efforts of your marketing staff by automatically sending follow up-texts and emails. Once the program is set up, MA allows you to schedule and send pre-determined emails (or texts) to all your leads without human involvement. Email or text thousands of leads daily, weekly, or at any interval you choose with strategic and pre-determined responses automatically. The program provides automated correspondence based on both lead status, type service, and scheduled and completed activity. Just set your customized templates and Move-N will do the rest.

Unlike other generic programs, Move-N’s Marketing Automation follows an “if-then” scenario based on senior housing industry guidelines. When an inquiry is generated through your website, MA immediately sends a thank you and follow-up email. If a tour is scheduled, the program can automatically send a thank you email. A few days prior to the tour, an automated reminder is delivered. After the tour is completed, MA sends a thank you email with a reiteration of the benefits of your community. If a deposit is provided and a move-in is scheduled, additional emails are automatically generated. No staff member has to remember to provide the follow-up. It is all automated.

Marketing Automation also provides you the capability to send pre-determined emails by lead status – once, twice or multiple times per week, month or quarter – all based on your individual marketing strategy. Send emails, newsletters, surveys, articles, or community invitations to all your leads, based on their status. Cold leads can receive a different email series than Hot or Waitlist leads. When the status of an individual lead changes, the program automatically changes the campaign strategy for that prospect. Just “set it and forget it”, and you can be assured each lead will be the recipient of a well-thought-out marketing campaign while leaving your staff free to focus on other census building activities. All emails are tracked in the inquiry record in your Move-N CRM for easy reference and review of all activity with that lead. Keep track of which emails have processed, dropped, bounced, delivered, opened or if the prospect unsubscribed, so you can easily determine what strategies are working and which need to be altered.

There is no other product in the industry that compares. Move-N Marketing Automation goes far beyond what generic automation programs can do because it is industry specific and follows and responds according to the movement of the lead within your CRM, giving you everything you need to increase your marketing power and have a dramatic effect on your census.