Did you know ...

New features and options are added to Move-N all the time.  Some of these may have been available for a while, but just in case you missed them, here are a just few that you might want to know more about:

Census by resident or Room

Stay on top of current and projected census by both room and resident counts on your dashboard and in reporting.  Analyze occupancy, conversion ratios and more.

Automated Reporting

Schedule selected community and corporate reports to be delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.  Get the information you need, even if you don’t log in.


Is census dropping? Are assessments past due? Are receivables increasing?  Alerts will let you know if there’s an issue that needs your attention.

Automated Website or Referral Agency Lead Import

Get real time leads and email alerts when they’re sent from your website, call centers and referral agencies and eliminate unnecessary referral fees.

State Clinical Forms and Reports

Create your assessments, care plans and state mandated forms and reports using Resident Care.  Save staff time and increase compliance with state regulations.

Care Threads

Connect care notes, incidents and follow up actions, resident communications and other clinical documentation with Care Threads, and better manage both risks and resident care needs.

Focus Areas and Interventions

Quickly and easily document resident risks and associated care protocols to help improve resident care and analyze resident acuity.

Marketing Automation/Drip Marketing

Move-N interfaces with automated lead management systems for strategic and automated follow-up campaigns (drip marketing).

Lead Forwarding

Have a lead that you want to share with a sister center? Use lead forwarding to send it to one or multiple communities.

Coming Soon!

eMAR – New interface to facilitate easy and seamless pharmacy communication.
eSignature – On-line access, signature interface and storage for all forms, agreements, and notifications including: Resident agreements, rate notifications, consent forms, change of condition notifications and level of care increases.
Report Writer – Password protected access, export and custom reporting of corporate data.
Maintenance Program – One stop monitoring, management and distribution of work orders, project reports and maintenance history.