The holiday season is historically slow for senior housing, and the number of new leads and move-ins do not normally pick up again until after the New Year. This year COVID has resulted in even fewer leads, tours, and move-ins. Move-outs are still lower than 2019, but not enough to offset the decline in move-ins, so November census suffered another small decline. Cash receipts for November continued the previous two-month trend of almost 20% below the previous year.

Marketers are continuing their push for inquiry and marketing outreach that exceeds 2019 activity, which should help in maintaining and cultivating relationships to support their sales pipeline. For more personally tailored follow up and relationship building, marketers can use the Interests feature in the Move-N CRM. Marketing automation will be available to allow marketers to focus one-on-one contact with their best prospects, while maintaining regular contact with all their other leads.