Community Tracking

What happens when managers of senior housing communities or entire corporations get too many reports, too few reports, reports with missing data, or worse yet, reports with erroneous data? Valuable time and resources are wasted and strategy, if attempted at all, is determined in a vacuum.

Most software companies provide hundreds of canned reports, irrelevant and undecipherable charts and graphs on disorganized dashboards, trying to make sure managers have, at his or her fingertips, every piece of possible inquiry, referral source and resident information from which to formulate an effective strategy. The result is often data-drowning with managers becoming overwhelmed thus failing to formulate and implement any quality plan that will give them the competitive edge they need to be successful.

Move-N provides easy to read, easy to decipher, relevant information in organized dashboards, charts, graphs, alerts and reports or in easy to manipulate data formats for individual report development. Assisted Living, Retirement and CCRC managers easily analyze community productivity and develop strategies that results in increased census and financial profitability.

Private information is practically the source of every large modern fortune.

Oscar Wilde

Key Performance Indicators

A Sample of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) community, regional and corporate totals
  • Census Goals vs. Actual (Resident and apartment)
  • Inquiry Summary vs. Goal
  • Activity Summary vs. Goal
  • Referral Source Trending
  • Inquiry/Referral/Move-N Conversion Rates
  • Projected Census and Revenues vs. Goals
  • Lost Inquiry Analysis
  • Pending and Duplicate Referrals (Referral Agency Activity)
  • Available Inventory / Percentage Occupancy
  • Resident Profitability Analysis (care cost vs. billing)
  • Staffing assignments
  • Past Due Resident Assessments
  • Rent roll
  • Accounts receivable – summary and detail
  • Resident Acuity


Automated Alerts are immediately sent to managers of multiple communities giving them real-time warning of key indicators that are above or below acceptable levels. Move-N provides the opportunity for managers to intervene before a census or revenue dip occurs.