Move-N Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation as a strategy has become the most important new tool in digital marketing and has proven across multiple industries to increase new leads, conversions, and sales while reducing marketing costs.  For the Senior Housing Industry, Marketing Automation (MA) is designed to nurture leads and move prospects through the sales process and is one of the easiest and quickest things you can do to increase census without adding marketing FTE’s. That is why Move-N Software is excited to announce Move-N Marketing Automation (MA)- a newly designed tool to further enhance your marketing efforts, giving you the power to exponentially increase the efforts of your marketing staff by automatically sending follow up-texts and emails with an “if-then” scenario based on senior housing guidelines. When set up with the Move-N CRM, MA gives you the abilities to:

  • Schedule and send pre-determined emails (or texts) to all your leads without human involvement.
  • Automate correspondence based on both lead status, type service, and scheduled and completed activity.
  • Send emails, newsletters, surveys, articles, or community invitations to all your leads, based on their status.
  • Keep track of which emails have processed, dropped, bounced, delivered, opened or if the prospect unsubscribed, so you can easily determine what strategies are working and which need to be altered.

There is no other product in the industry that compares. Move-N Marketing Automation goes far beyond what generic automation programs can do because it is industry specific and follows and responds according to the movement of the lead within your CRM, giving you everything you need to increase your marketing power and have a dramatic effect on your census.

Why Marketing Automation